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12/01/2022 a las 09:28  [respuesta]  What Font Identifier do you use?

Script fonts are hard to find exactly due to their various letters or opentype features. I usually combined all the tools, had a font manager to help but sometimes still wasted many days to find out.

toto@k22 ha dicho  
What font editor are you using? Is your font editor capable of generating variable fonts? If your answer to that is no, find one that does.

BTW what kind of changes do you want to do that you need to have separate styles. The font supports VN codepage so I assume it contains a complete VN specific characters.

Just need a small change with c/s and some greece letters of semi-condensed styles to display a long paragraph.
Btw thank you so much, you solved my topic.

metaphasebrothel ha dicho  
There are 14 different installed fonts in Windows 10 with the file name Bahnschrift, and all have the same date last modified.

The file name and the font name are two different entities that often, but nor always, have the same name. The font name is set internally within the font. The file name can be anything, or altered with right click -> rename. Renaming an installed font will render it unusable.

This is how I would extract the individual styles:

1) Create 14 separate new subfolders inside a new folder. Each of the 14 subfolders would be named/numbered 1-14.

2) Open C:\Windows\Fonts, and using Windows search, search for Bahnschrift. One result will come up in search results.

3) Right-click -> copy the search result.

4) open the first of the 14 subfolders.

5) Right Click -> Paste in subfolder 1. When prompted with a dialog box asking what you want to do with the 14 files that have the same name, check the first box only.

6) open subfolder #2.

Repeat step 5), but check only the second box.

7) repeat this procedure for font and subfolder #'s 3-14. This should give you all 14 styles, each in its own folder. At this point, you can alter the file names to match the internal font names.

I didn't test this, because I don't use Bahnschrift, but I'm confident that this method would work.

Thank you. I tried, but it didn't work.
Either choosing the first box when pasting to the folder (Replace) or the second box (Skip), it only displayed a single file with all styles in it.

toto@k22 ha dicho  
It is a variable font that is why it is a TTF.
Why do you need to have a separate font for each style when you can have all the styles in a single font?

Thanks for replying.
I need to modify some of them.

Hi there, I got a problem here needing some help.

I got a TTF Bahnschrift from a friend, it contains many styles in there. I want to extract them into seperated style files for some reasons but I have no idea to do it. Probably I always think this file should be a TTC instead of a TTF. Try some tools but nothing works.

Please check some pics for details:

Every single idea helping me would be appreciated very much!

26/06/2021 a las 06:58  [post initial]  Font identification (sushihiro)

Hi, please help me identify this font used by sushihiro brand for designing promo images on their social network. TIA!

I used some tools to help but nothing found. Any help here is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Any suggestions please tell me.

16/04/2020 a las 09:02  [post initial]  Please help me identify this font

Much appreciate, it's definitely a font people use for a game. Having an iconic M but I've tried some identifying tools, nothing matched.

Added more 1 picture here:

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29/06/2016 a las 09:44  [post initial]  Comic font?

Hi, please help me identify the font in this picture, TIA

It's modified with some language...

26/12/2014 a las 14:27  [post initial]  Font Identity please

Hi everyone, I'd like to know name of this font, I can't remember it, please help me.

26/10/2014 a las 13:49  [respuesta]  Font Identity

Thank you

26/10/2014 a las 10:13  [post initial]  Font Identity

Please help me with "Time", "Rise" font, thank you.

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25/10/2014 a las 10:55  [respuesta]  Font Identity

Fuente identificada: Deibi

25/10/2014 a las 07:45  [respuesta]  Font ID Request...

Fuente identificada: Respective

25/10/2014 a las 07:43  [post initial]  Font Identity

Help me please.

23/10/2014 a las 14:10  [respuesta]  Help me!

Fuente identificada: Revue

23/10/2014 a las 14:04  [post initial]  Font Identity

Anyone knows it, please help me, thanks so much.

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13/10/2014 a las 13:11  [post initial]  Brock Lesnar

Please help me identify it. Thanks so much everyone.

07/10/2014 a las 08:30  [post initial]  Font Identity

Anyone met this? I'd to know its name, thanks so much.

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