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13/05/2014 a las 18:22  [post initial]  Font?

Can anybody figure out what this font is? Also, if anybody wants to know what the album is, it's the Wayfarer EP, by Wayfarer.
Thanks to everybody who helps!

04/03/2014 a las 15:07  [respuesta]  Font id please

I'm fairly certain that this font is Helvetica. Helvetica Bold, to be exact.

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica Bold

22/02/2014 a las 22:20  [post initial]  Font?

I found this font on the Whole Foods Market website (what is it with that website and awesome-looking fonts?). Anyone recognize it?

20/02/2014 a las 12:56  [respuesta]  Nacho Font (Part 2)

fonatica ha dicho  
Just The Way You Are

Thanks for your help!

20/02/2014 a las 03:13  [post initial]  Whole Foods Fonts

Me again. Yes, I know there are a bunch of fonts I want identified... I just really like them. ^^;
Anyways. These were all found in the little sidebar on the Whole Foods Market website, if you wanted to take a look. Thanks to whoever identifies them!

20/02/2014 a las 03:10  [post initial]  Nacho Font (Part 2)

Aaand here's the other font on the chip bag that I liked. Thanks to whoever identifies it!

20/02/2014 a las 03:09  [post initial]  Nacho Font (Part 1)

So I was eating some nachos and I realized that I liked the font on the chip bag (specifically, the font that says "WAY BETTER" and the little guaranteed quality seal). Anyone recognize them?
Thanks so much to whoever answers this!

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