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Hi everyone!
Could someone please help me understand so I don't accidentally use a font I am not supposed to?

I have been creating templates in my spare time. With that I downloaded a whole bunch of fonts for free. Some said free for personal use, some didn't say anything.

I didn't organize them and now that I am taking my business to the next level and producing work to sell I am worried that I will use a font I am not supposed to. Short of going back and checking each name (I have soo many), any tips? I did just start to delete everything but I can't tell which fonts were in my computer to start with.

Can I use fonts that don't say anything for commercial use?

Also, I used the 'verify' tool in the font book. Sometimes it says there may be a problem. Is that because of licensing? or a problem with the download? If it says it is fine, is that totally ok to use for commercial?

Thank you so much, I didn't know who else to ask!


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