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Found it:

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koeiekat ha dicho  
In the end you will end up with the pro version I think. So also check the upgrade possibilities.

I'm not certain about that.

The more I learn, the more it looks like importing a standardized GSUB table is a better way to store a map to the extended latin characters without actually defining the glyphs. If I can find an open source GSUB table, I may be able to go with a purchase just for the kerning.

Hi everyone!
We are going to be making our fonts available through Shopify, and would like to have a font previewer where users can enter their own text to see what the font looks like. Alternatively, we can survive with a character map, like we see here on dafont. Anyone found, using, or had developed a Shopify app that can do this?

Much appeciated!

Out Of Step Font Company

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I work with Font Creator so here my two cents.
On the Extended Latin characters, Font Creator comes with several scripts to add these characters like the WGL4.0 Character Set.

This sounds awesome.

I generally don't worry about accents but it bums me out when the .notdef character shows up. Font Creator's Standard Edition is on sale for $150 right now: just hitting up their forums about the WGL4 script in this edition.

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Font creation software recommendations

Edit /Copy reference
and Paste it Into,...

Can confirm. This makes me want to kill myself.

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Good morning everyone
I have been building fonts for the since 2013 and I am ready to step my game up to a professional soft like Fontlab or Font Creator. I have been using FontForge to finalize fonts designed in other vector environments, and need something that can assist me with the following pain points:

- comprehensive and easy-to-use auto kern features
- simplistic method of copying all characters to Extended Latin, even if I have to program a macro

What is your experience, and what are your recommendations? Alternatively, if you have built kerning class tables that cover latin characters (Will map A kerning to all latin A's, etc), I am willing to buy a blank font from you to use as a template.

Since I build the vectors and map them to letters in other environments, entry level products like Fontlab TypeTool may also work - your input is appreciated.


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koeiekat ha dicho  
Only single case type? Why?

Why not?

I make tattoo flash, graffiti, and display (headline) fonts. There's little use for lowercase letters in the styles I create.

Thanks for your help everyone, I'm unsubscribing to this post.

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Thank you for the information metaphasebrothel, this has been very helpful.
I typically make fonts with only a single case, so I will keep dafont in mind for fonts with multiple cases.


Hi everyone
I am using limited character sets to prevent unauthorized commercial use of my typefaces.

I have created demo versions for a number of my commercial fonts with limited character sets, typically enough to spell "font name" regular. The font submissions have all be rejected by

Does anyone know the minimum amount of characters I would have to include to get a demo font accepted on

If you would like to understand what I'm talking about, here are some examples:



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