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27/11/2017 a las 13:14  [respuesta]  Searching for this font

Thank you fonatica!

08/05/2017 a las 12:48  [respuesta]  Which's this font, please?

This is a Microsoft System font

Fuente sugerida: Segoe Print (Regular)  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

08/05/2017 a las 12:44  [respuesta]  Fonte urgente!

Fuente identificada: Komika Axis

Coming back to let you know I found the font name for the above image. SABIEN

Fuente sugerida: Sabien

Does anyone know the name of this font?

26/02/2017 a las 14:14  [respuesta]  ISO font

Thank you!

26/02/2017 a las 13:12  [post initial]  ISO font

Does anyone recognize the font for the word "friends"?

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She has a Facebook page listed. Maybe try contacting via here: or try sending her a private message via her profile

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04/04/2016 a las 14:21  [post initial]  Blocked Link

Today I was trying to add a link for a font to a document I have on Facebook and it is not allowing me to do so because it's telling me that this link is deemed unsafe by Facebook's security system. - Can someone else test this out and see if they are getting the same message from Facebook? I can't see any reason why the link to the Eglantine font would be unsafe.

21/11/2015 a las 16:30  [respuesta]  ISO font name for Cafe

I'm still looking for this font if anyone can help.


17/11/2015 a las 16:39  [post initial]  ISO font name for Cafe

Does anyone know the name of the font used for the word cafe? Any help is appreciated

30/09/2015 a las 18:23  [respuesta]  Help Identifying Font

Many thanks!!

28/09/2015 a las 12:01  [post initial]  Help Identifying Font

Does anyone recognize this font? Hoping to find this for commercial use, either free to use or to purchase.


30/06/2015 a las 23:09  [respuesta]  help font

Possibly Gill Sans Ultra Bold

Fuente identificada: Gill Sans UltraBold

You're welcome!

Fuente identificada: Plig Nova

30/06/2015 a las 22:31  [post initial]  Solstice font

I am looking to see if anyone can locate the font used for the word "Solstice".

02/04/2015 a las 17:59  [post initial]  Searching for this font

Looking for the font used on this image please:

25/02/2015 a las 04:53  [post initial]  Searching for this Font

Anyone know what font is used on this please?

EDIT: I actually found the font, but was unable to delete this post.

Name of the font is Streetbrush

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21/11/2014 a las 00:21  [respuesta]  Font ID Please 'bruna caram"

Still trying to find this one please

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