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18/04/2017 a las 22:49  [respuesta]  How to delete font in dafont?

Hi everyone Same here, I would like my font "Hard Rock Kids" to be deleted from Dafont as it’s a low-quality font (from my today’s point of view).

Asked for this twice via mail, but: no response :(

Thank you!

07/12/2013 a las 12:10  [post initial]  distorted round forms

hey there!

i'm a little bit desperated right now, hopefully someone can help me... after spending months on drawing round letterforms, i experienced some "damage" to the round forms when copying them from illustrator cs4 to typetool 3 (and fontlab studio as well)! does anyone know how to fix this?

here's the problem shown in detail:

i would be soo happy to get an advice!

best regards

16/07/2013 a las 22:32  [respuesta]  accents- & euro-indication

thank you very much!!

15/07/2013 a las 21:46  [post initial]  accents- & euro-indication

hey there

i've been an industrious guy – for my first font, i've drawn all major accent-characters as well as the eurosign! but somehow, my font seems to be the only one, that has no markers right next to the fontname, that usually indicate these features (the small white labels that say "accents" & "euro")...

here's my font:

have i made anything wrong?

best regards

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