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04/11/2014 a las 05:28  [post initial]  Help please

Is this multiple fonts? None of the collegiate, athletic or academic fonts match. They're either too bold; or various letters are different.

25/07/2014 a las 03:32  [respuesta]  Font ID


24/07/2014 a las 00:16  [post initial]  Font ID

Is this a font type, or a modified font? I know it's not sharp, but maybe it'll work. Thanks.

09/11/2013 a las 15:38  [respuesta]  What font?


07/11/2013 a las 04:47  [post initial]  What font?



16/08/2013 a las 16:49  [respuesta]  Font ID please

I found it myself, finally. Century Schoolbook Bold Italic

Fuente sugerida: Century Schoolbook

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15/08/2013 a las 05:06  [post initial]  Font ID please

Can't figure exactly what it is. Thanks.

13/04/2013 a las 03:34  [post initial]  ID please

Carnivalee Freakshow is close. The ends of letters are a little different.

Fuente sugerida: Carnivalee Freakshow

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11/04/2013 a las 02:03  [respuesta]  Question about arching

I'm assuming one could click "arc" instead of "arc lower" to make a rainbow appearance with the text?

10/04/2013 a las 23:43  [respuesta]  Question about font usage

koeiekat ha dicho  
Best get in touch with the designer of the vectors. Explain what you want to do and agree on a license fee.

Why couldn't he or she download the free font and vectorize it themselves?

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10/04/2013 a las 23:42  [post initial]  Question about arching

I'm needing to arch some text. I'm using sure cuts a lot pro and I'm assuming it doesn't have the capability I need. What programs out there do? There's a pic in the identification forum, says "ASSOCIATION", it is an example of what I'm talking about. I need the tops and bottoms of the letters to follow the arches, yet the letters remain vertical.

10/04/2013 a las 22:44  [respuesta]  Any ideas?

Bigger question. How do I arch them and keep the bottoms and tops of the letters on a plane and the body of the letter remain vertical with no lean?

10/04/2013 a las 22:30  [respuesta]  Any ideas?

Awesome. Thanks!

10/04/2013 a las 21:38  [post initial]  Any ideas?

Can't get anything close online.

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