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03/07/2013 a las 02:22  [post initial]  font?

Looking for the font in "sounds good". I'm guessing it has been modified externally in Illustrator, but I'm looking for the closest match. Thanks!

05/02/2013 a las 03:04  [post initial]  font?

Looking for the font used in the word "Wicked"

29/01/2013 a las 21:26  [post initial]  Logo font

Looking for the HCA letters.

25/01/2013 a las 19:10  [respuesta]  font?

Thank you!!!

25/01/2013 a las 19:03  [post initial]  font?

Please help -- looks a bit Eurostile-ish, but it has subtle little sharp serifs at the points.

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