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08/02/2014 a las 05:11  [respuesta]  Font name please

Thanks @fonatica.... How about the other two? Have idea?

06/02/2014 a las 03:39  [post initial]  Font name please

Font name for "diam" =
Font name for "suka" = Romance Fatal Serif Std
Font name for "Cherrybelle" =


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21/09/2013 a las 12:04  [post initial]  font name please.....

Can anyone give the font name used for 'The Series'?

Thanks in advance

12/06/2013 a las 08:43  [respuesta]  Font for "Binar Bening Berlian"

Thanks, but don't need to be mad....

07/06/2013 a las 14:17  [respuesta]  Font for "Binar Bening Berlian"

But why the 'g' is different ?

07/06/2013 a las 09:34  [post initial]  Font for "Binar Bening Berlian"

Can someone please help identify what is the font used for the letters "Binar Bening Berlian" and "SinemArt"?

Thanks in advance

30/03/2013 a las 09:21  [post initial]  7icons font please?

can you please identify the font used for '7' and 'icons'? Thx.

08/02/2013 a las 16:58  [post initial]  IDentify these fonts

Can you help me identify the font used in 'Screenplay' and 'mempersembahkan'?

05/02/2013 a las 10:52  [post initial]  What is the font name?

02/02/2013 a las 15:42  [post initial]  font name please

Can you please identify the font used for episode 3?

25/01/2013 a las 12:04  [respuesta]  Font Name please?

thanks very much for replying...

24/01/2013 a las 05:13  [post initial]  Font Name please?

Can anyone help me to identify the font used for 'BLiNK'?

Editado el 24/01/2013 a las 12:40 por myname.lbert

What is the font used for 'Love in Paris' writing?

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