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22/01/2016 a las 22:48  [respuesta]  font name plz?

my font

Fuente identificada: NHL Ducks

28/08/2014 a las 19:16  [post initial]  2K Sports Font?

Anyone know the "2K" font?

Editado el 05/10/2017 a las 07:56 por marty666

17/08/2014 a las 16:27  [post initial]  How much % should i ask for?

Someone wants to use one of my fonts for a game they will sell in the app store. I usually charge 10 bucks for a font, but i feel like i should be getting a percentage of the revenue once this person starts selling the game. Idk how things like this really work:/

07/02/2014 a las 22:14  [respuesta]  PLEASE HELP >>>>>>>

no problem!

07/02/2014 a las 19:18  [respuesta]  PLEASE HELP >>>>>>>

It's Rockwell Extra Bold

Fuente identificada: Rockwell Extra Bold

07/02/2014 a las 02:01  [post initial]  Looks Familiar...

yeah it looks very familiar... im stuck. help pleaseee?

05/01/2014 a las 18:02  [respuesta]  How many fonts can i upload?

thanks everyone

26/12/2013 a las 23:08  [respuesta]  How many fonts can i upload?

thank you. i guess they wont accept some of my fonts for some reason-_-

23/12/2013 a las 23:21  [post initial]  How many fonts can i upload?

Hi, i was wondering if there was a max number of fonts you can have uploaded to the site. i currently have around 33. and ive submitted about 4 more and they havent been uploaded. is this cuz ive reached the max number? thank you:]

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