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Fuentes identificadas por belocin

22/05/2020 a las 18:08   Service

Fuente identificada: Serpentine Bold

08/03/2019 a las 23:10   cursive font

Fuente identificada: Better Together Script

27/08/2018 a las 21:50   Help please!

Fuente identificada: Hoodson Script

In case anyone wants it, here's the font. Jenthill light is what this particular font for photography and design, but there is also a demo available here on Dafont.
jessicacox is a form of the font, but is definitely heavily edited.

Fuente identificada: Jenthill

Editado el 24/04/2017 a las 23:21 por belocin

Looks like a close kerned version of this with a different apostrophe.

Fuente identificada: Lobster

15/09/2014 a las 23:55   BASKETBALL FONT

Fuente identificada: Bernard Condensed

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