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20/03/2014 a las 10:51  [respuesta]  What is this font?


19/03/2014 a las 23:44  [respuesta]  font?

Note: The lowercase is higher than the uppercase. I designed this assuming that people would realize this-- alternating uppercase and lowercase makes the letters bounce.

Fuente identificada: KG Let Her Go

19/03/2014 a las 22:58  [post initial]  What is this font?

28/12/2013 a las 00:46  [respuesta]  Birchbox December 2013

The cover of the December Birchbox.

27/12/2013 a las 21:44  [respuesta]  Birchbox December 2013

No. :(

16/12/2013 a las 00:10  [post initial]  Birchbox December 2013

Anyone know the gorgeous script used on the lid of the December 2013 Birchbox?

03/05/2012 a las 00:07  [respuesta]  what font is this?

Looks like my font, KG Love You Through It.

Fuente identificada: KG Love You Through It

26/04/2012 a las 15:21  [respuesta]  what font is this? :)

Fuente identificada: The Only Exception

The second is Just Me Again Down Here

Fuente identificada: Just Me Again Down Here

there are 2 fonts here- one is Love Ya Like a Sister.

Fuente identificada: Love Ya Like A Sister

16/04/2012 a las 21:21  [respuesta]  Help! What's this font?

The second font on there is Annie Use Your Telescope.

Fuente identificada: Annie Use Your Telescope

18/09/2011 a las 22:23  [respuesta]  Field to Plate font

thank you!!

18/09/2011 a las 15:09  [post initial]  Field to Plate font

Wondering the font for field to plate...

18/09/2011 a las 03:16  [respuesta]  Help with this font.

haha... I surf on here sometimes looking for answers myself!

18/09/2011 a las 03:11  [respuesta]  Help with this font.

I believe the font for "and I'll tell you mine" is my La Belle Aurore...

Fuente identificada: La Belle Aurore

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