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02/11/2013 a las 15:17  [post initial]  Which font is this one please?

01/05/2013 a las 16:29  [post initial]  Font name

What's this font? I like E without the vertical line and the general curves

04/12/2012 a las 16:25  [post initial]  "P"

What is the font of the big "P"? or a normal unextruded typeface but cut off somewhere like in this case?

04/12/2012 a las 14:04  [respuesta]  Title "Sommaire"

Yes that's it. Thank you!

04/12/2012 a las 01:48  [post initial]  Title "Sommaire"

Any help with the font of the title "Sommaire"?

04/12/2012 a las 01:28  [post initial]  multiple lines

Any ideas for this font?

03/12/2012 a las 21:41  [respuesta]  Book Design

Thanks Elvis!!

Any ideas?

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03/12/2012 a las 20:47  [post initial]  Book Design

Any ideas?

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