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06/07/2013 a las 18:32  [post initial]  Any/all fonts on this image?

06/07/2013 a las 18:30  [post initial]  "*birthdays Birthdays 365 days a year"

All text found on this image please.

29/06/2013 a las 20:57  [post initial]  Any/all fonts on this image?

Specifically the titles saying "home", "chat", etc.

05/06/2013 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  "Forgotten Memory Designs" font(s)?

fontfanatic ha dicho  
"Forgotten Memory Designs" font(s)?

Hello! What are the cursive font that says "Forgotten Memory Designs" and the one of the usernames below it ("Nniicole | The Snow Rose | rhian x" etc.) called?

Maker of the banner here (:
The top part is called "Sign Handwriting" and the smaller font is called "Pixelade" which has a tiny bit of my personal editing in it (:
I downloaded both of them from here [] so you can find those.
Also, if you ever have any questions, feel free to just message me on Howrse or DeviantART (wherever you found the banner)

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