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27/03/2013 a las 20:41  [post initial]  CATS

23/03/2013 a las 21:42  [respuesta]  Ableton Suite 8 font

ANYBODY???? I *NEED* THIS FONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08/03/2013 a las 15:59  [post initial]  Ableton Suite 8 font

what is the font in the text "Ableton Suite 8"

27/02/2013 a las 19:25  [post initial]  Font used in this SNES game

all the text in this game appears to be the same font... what font???

27/02/2013 a las 16:07  [post initial]  WOT logo

I know the O is edited, but what is the font of the W & T???

23/02/2013 a las 18:37  [respuesta]  what is this font???


23/02/2013 a las 18:32  [post initial]  Fur Affinity Forums

what is the font in the Fur Affinity Forums logo

Editado el 23/02/2013 a las 18:35 por moltres_rider

I am making a coffee related image for a project and I need a font that fits the theme of coffee and/or coffee related products... please link me to some fonts that would go with a coffee related picture or a coffee logo or label... please link me to free fonts on Dafont that seem to go with coffee related images please...

16/02/2013 a las 19:02  [respuesta]  ttf to png converter??

there is a few fonts that are just heart symbols I'd like as png... your question is irrelevant

I don't know what is a foundry... one file (currently installed) is around 80kb and the other is 120kb

two different fire fonts named blaze

I have two completely different fonts but the name given to both of those fonts are exactly the same and Windows keeps saying that the font is already installed but it is a different font!!! how do I fix???

16/02/2013 a las 16:13  [post initial]  ttf to png converter??

does anybody know of a good free ttf to png converter??? I keep coming across broken links and scam/virus links... I just need one that exports each letter as a seperate png file

16/02/2013 a las 15:51  [post initial]  need two fonts identified

Font #1: Charizard
Font #2: Samurott

what are the two fonts the guy used???

13/02/2013 a las 16:15  [post initial]  VS

font of the VS letters please

11/02/2013 a las 14:26  [post initial]  Jeopardy Font??

06/02/2013 a las 00:01  [post initial]  Dragon Story font

01/02/2013 a las 21:55  [post initial]  Cereal Guy text

what is the font in the picture that is enclosed in the Cereal Guy's speech bubbles?? the "retarded" & "derp y derpina? WTF?" text...

on a Windows XP machine, I have about 20 installed fonts not being recognized by various programs!!! one of the important ones is "Memerox Label Design Studio" and Pokémon Black & White Font found here the

all the programs that don't see the 20 fonts are all the same fonts not recognized... it seems that only word processing programs will recognize this and the other 20 fonts that other programs won't!!!

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