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20/12/2013 a las 23:03  [post initial]  Any ideas on this font?

Hi, does anyone know what the brand STIHL use for the font in their logo?

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06/11/2013 a las 20:22  [post initial]  What font is this?

Hi everyone

I need to find a font - its the font from the logo of this business.

Any ideas?!

Many thanks in advance!

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Super - That is awesome. Can't thank you enough!

03/10/2012 a las 20:47  [post initial]  Need to know for our Seating Plan!?


Can anyone help tell us what this font is? We've had our place cards printed, but after 6 weeks we can't get the seller to do us a seating plan. Therefore we need to know the font so we can do it ourselves.

Please help - we only have a few weeks!

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