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12/06/2013 a las 12:09  [post initial]  I WANT THIS FONT!!!1!!11!!

This font is frickin awesome!

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16/05/2013 a las 16:16  [post initial]  what's this font?

It's awesome!

10/04/2013 a las 14:53  [respuesta]  Retro Font

Here ya go!

Fuente sugerida: Rex

10/04/2013 a las 14:28  [post initial]  I need this font name!

I'm currently working on this company, and as a designer, I need to make design-related things for them, but they don't have their logo in psd, and they don't have the font used for it either, so I would really appreciate if you could tell me the font name! =)

Thanks in advance.

Already fount it, it's called "Opal". Thanks anyways! =)

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17/01/2013 a las 10:57  [post initial]  Pincoya Black Look-A-Like Font

Hey! I've been searching for this font, but I don't find it. It really looks like Pincoya Black, but a more trashy, grunge version of it. Anyone knows its name? I would be very appreciated!

30/09/2012 a las 11:25  [post initial]  Slender Game Font

I've been literally searching for this font for weeks. I just can't find it, and it really doesn't seem a custom made logo, it really seems like a font.
If somebody could help me, I would really appreciate it!


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