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23/12/2013 a las 15:16  [respuesta]  What's this font?

fonatica ha dicho  
Fancy Pens

Sweeeet! That's the one!

Thank you very very very much!

23/12/2013 a las 14:28  [post initial]  What's this font?

Seen this font before, but I'm not quite sure which one it is.
I'm thinking it's called Sinister Sam, but at the same time it doesn't fit in 100% in my eyes.

Thanks in advance.

This is the main font that is used in the Android/iOS application 'Pic Combo'.

04/01/2013 a las 09:36  [respuesta]  What's This Font?

Hmm, thank you for your time.
Much appreciated.

03/01/2013 a las 11:47  [post initial]  What's This Font?

So yeah.. It's this font I'm looking for.
Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance.

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