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22/05/2016 a las 19:59  [post initial]  font pls

08/03/2016 a las 14:29  [post initial]  Font please

thx in advance

26/10/2015 a las 12:57  [respuesta]  What is the khan academy font?

"KHAN" would be Signika!

Fuente sugerida: Signika

serif fonts look alike BUT THAT CAPITAL J IS SPECTACULAR

26/10/2015 a las 09:11  [respuesta]  somebody know what this font...

Hi! Brandon Grotesque.
Is this from Vainglory game?

Fuente identificada: Brandon Grotesque

26/10/2015 a las 09:08  [respuesta]  Help me out,please?

for 2nd line (Rebekah Mikaelson), I think it is Rockwell.

Fuente sugerida: Rockwell Light Italic

26/10/2015 a las 09:07  [respuesta]  Help me out,please?

Pretty sure Belle Cruaute is Georgia Italic in another weight. The character spaces just varied.

Fuente sugerida: Georgia Italic

26/10/2015 a las 09:02  [respuesta]  Font please and thanks

help pls

26/10/2015 a las 05:31  [post initial]  help

thx in advance

26/10/2015 a las 05:02  [respuesta]  please heeeelp :(

Omg is this Santugon pub HAHAHAHAHA

02/10/2015 a las 18:37  [post initial]  !!

ty in advance

02/10/2015 a las 18:23  [post initial]  "join the conversation"

thx in advance~

02/10/2015 a las 18:20  [post initial]  what font

thx in advance

02/10/2015 a las 18:19  [post initial]  plz help


18/09/2015 a las 19:50  [post initial]  economics


18/09/2015 a las 19:42  [post initial]  application

thanks in advance!

19/08/2013 a las 10:09  [respuesta]  What is this

Letter B and A are modified. But it is this font

Fuente identificada: Denne Shuffle

19/08/2013 a las 10:07  [post initial]  Font please! :)

Thanks in advance

19/08/2013 a las 09:56  [post initial]  font please

please tell me the name of the font

03/03/2013 a las 14:26  [post initial]  TIMEX FONT PLEASE!

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