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Hi xCaroline,
Not sure if you're still looking for a solution to this, but does basically what yourfonts does but it's free. They will make your handwriting into a font and then add it to their website for others to download. Hope that helps. Cheers, Nic

29/07/2012 a las 23:18  [respuesta]  Creating a Font

@koeiekat, I think you were right. The comment needed some more details about Thanks for your feedback though. Also not sure why the FAQ wasn't working for you cause it's been fine for me. Anyway, cheers!

29/07/2012 a las 16:05  [respuesta]  Creating a Font

Made a comment yesterday that doesn't seem to have made it through the maintenance. If anyone is still wondering, you can have a font made easily from your handwriting for free at and they'll add it to their site for others to enjoy too (for free, of course). So it's not great if you want to keep your font to yourself but if you're just wanting to experiment without shelling out any cash, it's a good option.

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