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11/09/2013 a las 17:33  [respuesta]  what font is this?

claudeserieux ha dicho  
g -> Baskerville

thank you!

11/09/2013 a las 16:57  [post initial]  what font is this?

23/07/2013 a las 21:34  [respuesta]  unknown font

rocamaco ha dicho  
Dear Sarah Pro


23/07/2013 a las 21:26  [post initial]  unknown font

which font is this? i saw this image on the internet but i can't find the font's name

02/02/2013 a las 19:33  [post initial]  Do you know what font is this?

19/01/2013 a las 23:09  [respuesta]  pellek - bag of tricks

rocamaco ha dicho  


19/01/2013 a las 23:06  [post initial]  pellek - bag of tricks

do you know what's the font of the writing "bag of tricks"?

I think it's handwritten but maybe it's a font... do you know which?

06/08/2012 a las 15:49  [post initial]  Turn Up The Radio - Madonna

16/07/2012 a las 14:55  [post initial]  Fairy Oak - font

do you know which font is this? I found it in a fantasy book

12/07/2012 a las 23:53  [respuesta]  What fonts are these?


12/07/2012 a las 23:46  [post initial]  What fonts are these?

Do you know what's the name of these 2 fonts? the one for the title and the one for the artist's name? thanks in advance!

07/07/2012 a las 19:22  [respuesta]  Submit a font... i don't know what to do!

thank you!

07/07/2012 a las 17:48  [post initial]  Submit a font... i don't know what to do!

i'd like to submit a font of my handwriting, but i don't know how to begin!
i saw that i have to submit a zip file... what do i have to put in that zip file?

do you know the name of the font on the cover of the single?

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