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30/04/2012 a las 16:33  [post initial]  hype logo font

Hello friends .. I want to know what font the logo below:
(Referring to the main caption font "hype"
Thanks to all helpers!

22/02/2012 a las 20:52  [respuesta]  twitter font?

22/02/2012 a las 20:49  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

Allowed to bump?

18/02/2012 a las 10:55  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

I want the font entries in English ANGELOF ... Not in Hebrew.

17/02/2012 a las 20:05  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

Sorry I did not know that, thank you, as you can see I'm new. Thank you (::

17/02/2012 a las 18:12  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

Do not misunderstand me, I did not mean the wings!

17/02/2012 a las 18:07  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

Sorry, I did not mean the wings, ready to write.

17/02/2012 a las 18:06  [respuesta]  Angel Of Light

What I did not understand, sorry I'm from Israel

17/02/2012 a las 18:04  [post initial]  Angel Of Light

I must help other font identification. I've been looking for a long time the font that I had but I can not find it.
In the past, I've used it many designs in Photoshop, which was called "Campain", but unfortunately, after formatting the computer, the fonts that I had not saved and so is this font.
I can not find it anywhere, I'd be delighted if you could help me.

Thank you, it is very important to me

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