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04/06/2012 a las 10:18  [respuesta]  identify this font please

Identified font: Floral Regular

Fuente sugerida: Floral

04/06/2012 a las 09:58  [respuesta]  Anyone recognize this?

I am not sure but I think this one is more likely pr similar font to: Spitz Com Black

Fuente sugerida: Spitz Com Black

18/04/2012 a las 11:00  [respuesta]  EYEFI

Font Identification: Arkitech Round Light

Font Family: Arkitech Round
Weight: Light

Fuente sugerida: Arkitech Round Light

28/03/2012 a las 14:20  [respuesta]  What is the font of milleni?

I think this font is:
Petersburg Multilingual Volume

06/03/2012 a las 12:14  [respuesta]  Help me please

This font is:

Snell Roundhand Regular

Fuente identificada: Snell Roundhand

29/02/2012 a las 12:59  [respuesta]  Whats the font???

I think it is similar to font: Birth Of A Hero

If the dirt part from this font is removed or not highlighted.

Fuente sugerida: Birth Of A Hero

I like to share the perfect match for the font.

It is Legend M54

Fuente sugerida: Legend M54  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

21/02/2012 a las 14:21  [respuesta]  recherche la police

According to me this Font is a extreme bold version of Brie font.

Fuente sugerida: Brie

13/02/2012 a las 13:13  [respuesta]  Sarah G?

I am not so sure about this font. But still I tried through couple of resources and can conclude that this Font may be Learning Curve.

Still I am keen to know the correct font name.

Hope to get it through.

Fuente sugerida: Learning Curve BV

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