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26/10/2014 a las 15:34  [respuesta]  "La Quaintrelle" Font?

Thank you so much!

26/10/2014 a las 07:30  [post initial]  "La Quaintrelle" Font?

It looks very similar to "Quilted Butterfly" font here on dafont, but I checked and that's not it. I don't know where else to search for this type of font, cause it's such a elegant, beautiful script! It reminds me of long, handwritten love letters from a significant other.
This is the font from a Canadian clothing brand called "La Quaintrelle." (I screenshot a snippet of a title from their official blog's post). Does anyone know if this could be an actual font?

13/10/2014 a las 03:40  [post initial]  What is this font?

This is also featured in the official lyrics video of Kat Graham's single, "Power."

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25/06/2014 a las 20:28  [respuesta]  "Bad Neighbors" font

Thanks for the suggestion of the font! And yes, I think everyone would prefer Zac Efron (guy on the right) over Seth Rogen (guy on the left with the baby) any day. Your comments made me laugh!

23/06/2014 a las 16:00  [post initial]  "Bad Neighbors" font

What could the font be for the "Bad Neighbors" movie logo?

There's a tiny heart as the dot above the letter "i". The font is on top of a stack of a High School Musical 3 note pad. Any suggestions on what this font could be? Thank you!

I've been looking everywhere to find fonts that are similar (or maybe even alike) to Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez's handwriting in the credits in High School Musical 3. I've come up empty-handed.
What I'd like to know is if someone would be willing to create these fonts or identify something very similar to the character's signatures.
If you need more pictures for reference, let me know!
Please help me find these fonts!

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