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I recognize it's handwritten, but I'm just asking for something close.


Getting a tattoo, so it needs to be pretty accurate :P Thanks for the help!

31/10/2012 a las 23:04  [post initial]  Nouveau Look / Nouvelle Vie

Quelqu'un peut m'aider a identifier cette police d'écriture ?

01/10/2012 a las 11:18  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

02/09/2012 a las 22:17  [post initial]  Cog graphics font?

21/08/2012 a las 08:06  [post initial]  Mac Miller's "Missed Calls" Font

18/08/2012 a las 18:52  [post initial]  Anna font?

30/07/2012 a las 14:40  [post initial]  Oyasumi Punpun font

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25/07/2012 a las 08:01  [respuesta]  Ayudenme a identificarla

That's the font that is firstly used in Restaurant City, and now it uses among some of the Playfish games.

Fuente identificada: Fontdinerdotcom Huggable

23/07/2012 a las 05:47  [post initial]  Cradle 2 The Crave fonts?

20/07/2012 a las 02:38  [post initial]  Tap the Frog 2's Font

Hi, I just let to know that what is the font used in the iOS game, Tap the Frog 2. It also appears in Tap the Frog 1 as of version 1.5.

16/07/2012 a las 06:27  [respuesta]  help

thank you so much!!

16/07/2012 a las 05:52  [post initial]  help

please help me find this font

28/06/2012 a las 17:38  [post initial]  Name?

Does anyone know this font?

thx for help!!!!

27/06/2012 a las 16:31  [post initial]  J dilla font

i can' t find this font!! anyone can help me?

26/06/2012 a las 23:12  [respuesta]  Project x

Fuente identificada: Gotham

Maybe this one:

Fuente sugerida: Script MT Bold

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