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16/08/2016 a las 16:53  [respuesta]  Font ID - Floyd Griffin

THANK YOU donshottype, much appreciated!

16/08/2016 a las 10:03  [post initial]  Font ID - Floyd Griffin

Can anyone help identify this font (Floyd Griffin)

16/09/2014 a las 00:14  [respuesta]  Please help with all fonts

Thank you so much plundert

12/09/2014 a las 03:27  [post initial]  Please help with all fonts

Trying to figure out these fonts. The designer doesn't want to share that info. Please help.

13/01/2014 a las 20:37  [post initial]  Can you identify this font

can anyone recommend a similar font, if not original (I know if was a custom font based on artists website)

06/12/2013 a las 00:24  [post initial]  can someone help me

can anyone identify THESE fonts. Thanks in advance.

13/09/2013 a las 07:20  [respuesta]  something similar

Khiro, you are the man!!!!!(or woman, lol)

12/09/2013 a las 21:26  [post initial]  something similar

working on a website for a client and they have no clue what the black font is...does anyone know, or something similar? It doesn't necessarily tie in, but they insit on having it.

21/04/2013 a las 02:19  [post initial]  Please help...

looking for this(these) fonts, for a poster design, or at least something similar.

29/12/2012 a las 10:43  [post initial]  pls help

hey guys, can anyone help identify this font... the Turnpike portion....been staring at this for about 2 hours trying to find.

11/10/2012 a las 19:08  [respuesta]  can someone please help.....

Thanks so much koeiekat.

11/10/2012 a las 09:15  [post initial]  can someone please help.....

identify this font... Client just purchased barber shop and has no clue.

09/09/2012 a las 10:29  [post initial]  I know the font but...

I know the font, which is brothers, but is there any font similar to this one that I can use?

27/01/2012 a las 00:59  [post initial]  can u identify.......please

14/01/2012 a las 01:34  [post initial]  scrolling for hours.....

can someone identify this font

30/12/2011 a las 11:13  [respuesta]  Can u identify....

Thanks a lot koeiekat, I really appreciate it.

30/12/2011 a las 08:58  [post initial]  Can u identify....

this font...working on a website for a client, but he is unable to provide the information...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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