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08/02/2012 a las 13:17   What Font?

Fuente identificada: Arial Black

I'd be so happy if you googled before asking!
1st result for "nook font"

Fuente identificada: Gill Sans, Customized

24/01/2012 a las 23:46   Police - COD 4

Took me a whole minute in Google.

Fuente identificada: Carbon

13/01/2012 a las 10:16   los lideress

It's always a good idea to look for variations by the same author. This is the one.

Fuente identificada: Caviar Dreams

06/01/2012 a las 10:23   FONT?

Fuente identificada: King Cool KC

Editado el 06/01/2012 a las 10:57 por drf_

Fuente identificada: Helvetica Condensed Black

Eurostile Bold Extended #2 for "HAPPY"

Fuente identificada: Eurostile Bold Extended #2

31/12/2011 a las 04:55   Help!

Manually condensed.

Fuente identificada: Armitage Black

Editado el 31/12/2011 a las 09:44 por drf_

27/12/2011 a las 22:14   Help

Consolas, Bundled with Vista and Office2k7
Can also be downloaded for free as part of the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

Fuente identificada: Consolas

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