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29/04/2016 a las 01:23  [post initial]  Help, need font idenified

Need the TIME identified

25/04/2015 a las 16:42  [post initial]  Phono typeface

Does anyone know the typeface or something similar?

21/04/2015 a las 14:59  [post initial]  'Liquid' typeface

What's the typeface for Liquid?

21/02/2015 a las 06:38  [post initial]  'Renaissance' typeface?

11/02/2015 a las 01:51  [post initial]  "Libra Presents Taylor" Typeface

Wondering what the typeface for "Libra Presents Taylor" is?

06/10/2014 a las 01:23  [post initial]  Da Funk / Musique Font?

Would anyone know the official font for "Da Funk / Musique"?

13/06/2014 a las 06:16  [post initial]  Microsoft Windows 95 typeface?

Does anyone know the family of typeface the old Microsoft logo belongs to?

16/10/2013 a las 14:32  [post initial]  Help please. Tycho font

08/08/2013 a las 14:14  [respuesta]  NEED FONT FAST

Big ups!

08/08/2013 a las 11:42  [post initial]  NEED FONT FAST

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23/05/2013 a las 23:10  [post initial]  Thump font?

02/03/2013 a las 07:26  [post initial]  Font?

Could someone please tell me what font "Feel My Bicep" is in?

30/05/2012 a las 22:00  [respuesta]  Wipeout-Feisar font?

Neoqueto ha dicho  
It's apparently not a font. This one is from the F5000 era (WipEout 2097/XL), I'm currently making a font based on the F7200 version (WipEout 3), which lacks of those rounded corners, if you're interested, you need to wait.

Really? Sweet, I've been looking for that one too! Wip3out is my favourite out of all.

29/05/2012 a las 23:45  [post initial]  Wipeout-Feisar font?

Does anyone know the font in which Feisar is under? Made by the Designers Republic

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30/01/2012 a las 01:54  [post initial]  Font needed!

Can anyone tell me the font in which 'Friends' is in?

16/12/2011 a las 23:46  [post initial]  Help!

Does anyone know where I could find the font for "Jack" or something similar?

30/11/2011 a las 23:44  [post initial]  Need font!!!

Would Love it if I could get the font! From Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon's hit single "So Much Love To Give"

Editado el 30/11/2011 a las 23:45 por dumbguy

27/11/2011 a las 10:26  [post initial]  LFO Font?

LFO font (The number) during their "Advance" album era. Designs made by the Designers Republic.

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