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Is that seriously Helvetica? God I need more sleep.

Fuente identificada: Zag Bold

24/04/2012 a las 14:53  [respuesta]  FRINGE new font

Fuente identificada: Agency

24/04/2012 a las 14:53  [respuesta]  Similar Font?

mann1n ha dicho  
I know that this font is "Romeo D"

Caught me doing this a few weeks back right? Haha.

24/04/2012 a las 12:29  [post initial]  20% OFF SHOPPING EVENT

24/04/2012 a las 11:00  [respuesta]  Never the Strangers

Fuente identificada: FF Din

23/04/2012 a las 10:48  [respuesta]  AVENGED FONT..??

You have bested me this time good sir.

23/04/2012 a las 10:04  [respuesta]  font please?

Fuente sugerida: Future Rot

23/04/2012 a las 10:00  [respuesta]  What is this font?

They're just a few of the serif off of the letters "E" "B" and "R"

Fuente sugerida: Rockwell

23/04/2012 a las 09:53  [respuesta]  AVENGED FONT..??

This is the closest you'll get.

Fuente sugerida: Adler

18/04/2012 a las 11:17  [respuesta]  What font is the NOCO logo?

Fuente sugerida: Gotham

17/04/2012 a las 12:58  [post initial]  Golden Boys Font

Fuente identificada: Gotham Bold

12/04/2012 a las 11:22  [respuesta]  Mash 4077th

I think it's a modified version of this. They added the stencil marks and used a different font for the asterisks

Fuente sugerida: EF Cooper Black


Fuente sugerida: Impact



Fuente identificada: Gill Sans

I had a feeling the top two were from the same family. Cheers.

If any of these fonts exist, Awesome
If all these fonts exist, Awesome to the max.

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