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04/03/2013 a las 22:05  [post initial]  This font, Sharpie-like?

Trying to find this font OR something very similar. Got that sharpie feel. Any suggestions are appreciated. Gracias.

18/01/2013 a las 08:01  [post initial]  Basic Font, Need Help.

It's an easy one I'm just not sure the name of it. Thanks!

16/01/2013 a las 18:44  [post initial]  Any ideas?

From the poster for Killing Them Softly.

12/12/2012 a las 04:51  [post initial]  Font From Brazil

Trying to figure out what this font is, or something comparable to it, any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks

I can watch this movie on repeat, over and over. I don't believe it was handmade because I've seen the font, or one very very similar to it on a page a few years back--should have grabbed it then. I know it's out there somewhere.

Opening title card for "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie", any thoughts?

07/08/2012 a las 21:21  [post initial]  Any ideas on this one?

Seems pretty basic, a variation on a standard font, just trying to figure out which it is.

10/05/2012 a las 00:50  [post initial]  Any Ideas?

27/04/2012 a las 23:47  [post initial]  Date Fonts From 'Che'

Looking for this font, I had it once before and now I've lost it. From Film Che Pt1/Pt2.

14/11/2011 a las 02:54  [post initial]  Help with this font.

I recognize it I just don't remember it. Thanks!

09/11/2011 a las 05:29  [post initial]  Corona Paint Brushes

THis may be slightly customized, but if anyone knows it or has something comparable. Great lookin font!

26/10/2011 a las 00:11  [post initial]  Basic, but which font is this?

Looking for the name of this font.

Trying to figure out what font this is. I know I've seen it before many times and I once knew the name and it's killing me! Any help is appreciated.

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