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Hmm... I was actually searching for a font that looked something like Sans, but had stickfigures doing poses on the actual letters.

I'll see if this works.

Can anybody find a font that fits this description?

A bunch of stickmen doing various poses on letters.

I'm sure I saw it somewhere in Font Identifying but I looked 30 pages and couldn't find anything.

Please help.

09/09/2011 a las 09:59  [respuesta]  Everybody Edits Forums?

Nobody knows? :C...

06/09/2011 a las 09:12  [post initial]  How do I make this style of font?

Okay, so I have FontLab. I've never made a font before. I want to make a pixel font, like the ones found in Bitmap, on the Themes section of the site. The question is...

Fontlab is hard!
I want to make a simple font, pixel by pixel by pixel. How? I am fine with getting any other programs.

I use them in GIMP for graphics

05/09/2011 a las 12:23  [post initial]  Dissolute Productions?

05/09/2011 a las 11:46  [post initial]  Everybody Edits Forums?

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05/09/2011 a las 11:42  [post initial]  Coordinated Strike & Silentw41


03/09/2011 a las 07:20  [respuesta]  What font is used for REEDC?


01/09/2011 a las 13:19  [post initial]  What font is used for REEDC?

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