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12/08/2019 a las 20:40  [respuesta]  Hello

Fuente sugerida: Linotype Didot

13/06/2019 a las 17:00  [post initial]  Mi Golondrina

15/03/2017 a las 17:11  [post initial]  Script font, please!

19/08/2016 a las 22:50  [respuesta]  Whats the name of this font?

I'm sure somebody will reply with the exact match but Brandon Grotesque is exactly the same minus the tip of the "A"

Fuente sugerida: Brandon Grotesque

Editado el 22/08/2016 a las 11:29 por frd

19/08/2016 a las 22:35  [post initial]  For both fonts, please!

11/06/2015 a las 22:01  [post initial]  Monogram Font

10/06/2015 a las 16:57  [post initial]  Monogram Fonts

Thank you!

19/02/2015 a las 02:39  [post initial]  Brush Script

10/12/2014 a las 21:49  [post initial]  Serif font help please!

01/12/2014 a las 16:28  [post initial]  Script font, please!

28/08/2014 a las 02:49  [respuesta]  Names Font

Thank you! Any ideas on the "Megan" font?

27/08/2014 a las 21:04  [post initial]  Names Font

Looking for the tall, sans-serif font and slab font the names are in!

26/07/2014 a las 03:39  [respuesta]  font?? PLIZ

That was hand lettered by Justine Ma:

25/07/2014 a las 23:22  [respuesta]  help

This was hand lettered

25/07/2014 a las 23:21  [post initial]  Serif Font

Looking for this serif font, please!

19/07/2014 a las 18:06  [post initial]  Script Font

Thought it was hand drawn at first but "m"s and "e"s are identical. Any idea?


16/04/2014 a las 17:21  [post initial]  script font help

29/11/2013 a las 23:44  [post initial]  Monogram Font

05/11/2013 a las 17:36  [post initial]  Merry Christmas

27/09/2013 a las 23:30  [post initial]  Bonjour

Thank you!

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