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27/06/2015 a las 03:30  [post initial]  Font Promotion Online?

Does anyone have tips regarding font promotion? It seems as if there are no decent places to promote fonts online besides the social media staples.

Hi All!

I have a number of fonts here on dafont, and first and foremost I wanted to thank you all very much for the continued support. A number of people have emailed me asking me about the usage of the fonts that I have up here.

All fonts that are labelled 100% Free are free for both personal and commercial use. That includes logos, video, font embedding, or any other usage that you might have commercially. The only thing I ask is that you do not distribute my fonts on any website other than Thanks!

For updates please check out my website. Happy designing!

31/08/2013 a las 21:05  [respuesta]  swedish house mafia font ?

Fuente sugerida: Theano Didot

Editado el 31/08/2013 a las 21:06 por fmontpetit

20/02/2012 a las 22:13  [post initial]  Cursive Font Help

I CANNOT for the life of me figure out the cursive font used in the word Vegas. A similar font would even help. Thanks!

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