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19/07/2011 a las 20:34  [post initial]  Science Illustrated

Wondering what font is used for the title here. Also, if it's only free for personal use or anything of the like; then I'd also appreciate if you'd notify me of any free similar fonts.

In advance, thanks

15/07/2011 a las 19:17  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Thanks, I apreciate it

15/07/2011 a las 18:53  [post initial]  What font is this?

Not sure if I should post this, since I've already asked the artist, who has yet to answer. Still, pretty eager to find this font.

Oh, and to clarify; I'm interested in the black title font. Not the lower sub-title.

15/07/2011 a las 16:15  [post initial]  Font for comic title?

I'm looking for a font to use for a comic title/front page. So far I'm only planning for a webcomic, but further down the line I'm thinking of maybe having it printed as a comic book series.
Nothing's set in stone yet though, but I'm still curious as to what category fonts I may use for that kind of thing. Free? Free for personal use? Shareware? If I end up printing it in books and selling it, would imply it's commercial, or am I wrong? As far as I know commercial could mean just about anything publically shown that you earn money on, but I'm not sure just how strict the rules are.

Well, I guess you guys understand what I'm asking about. I'm just a bit paranoid about doing illegal things without knowing, so I want to make 100% sure my actions are legal before I do them.

(Man, I don't feel that's the best English I've ever written)

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