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Bump for any suggestions... Thanks, guys.

Can anyone identify this font family, with its heavy and light condensed versions, please?

Many t[om]hanks, J. ;^)

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31/01/2014 a las 10:32  [respuesta]  Geometric sans???

Hi, I looked at this font when I first searched but I didn't scroll down to the *free* expanded versions - lol! Thanks very much for your help.

30/01/2014 a las 19:26  [post initial]  Geometric sans???

Hi there, having trouble nailing this one down. It's not Futura or Century Gothic or even a new thing like Nevis or Proxima Nova. Circular 'O', symmetrical 'S' and ... that 'G'. ???

12/03/2013 a las 21:50  [post initial]  I'm sure it's a classic but...

Help identifying this font would be greatly appreciated, as ever. S. The 'S' and the 'B' are not right with Futura, Geometric, Neuzeit. ???

Is it not Bauhaus Heavy?

Fuente identificada: Bauhaus Heavy

10/10/2012 a las 13:00  [respuesta]  Help with semi-serif font

Dude, you're so good at this. Thank you. I'm always posting fonts I ought to know. How many times have I used Baker Signet before!!

10/10/2012 a las 10:54  [post initial]  Help with semi-serif font

Hi again Dafonters. Any ideas?

18/05/2012 a las 09:05  [post initial]  Help requested

Will the Dafont community come to my rescue again..?!

12/04/2012 a las 16:02  [respuesta]  Betty in a script font

Super! Thanks for your help!

12/04/2012 a las 13:09  [post initial]  Betty in a script font

Help appreciated in identifying this script font, please!? S.

14/03/2012 a las 17:15  [respuesta]  Help appreash, as always. :o)

Super job. Super helpful. Thank you, drf_

14/03/2012 a las 15:14  [post initial]  Help appreash, as always. :o)

17/02/2012 a las 02:57  [respuesta]  Ancient type font

Aha! Super, thanks guys. ;^)

16/02/2012 a las 16:37  [post initial]  Ancient type font

Any help much appreash. ;^)

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10/02/2012 a las 11:11  [respuesta]  Children's book title text

Superb, Thank you! ;^) Would never have thought it was Gill!

10/02/2012 a las 10:23  [respuesta]  please font

Take a look at Clarendon on MyFonts to find this or similar...

Fuente identificada: Clarendon Black

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10/02/2012 a las 09:53  [respuesta]  Hi does any know this font?

Looks like the free font Miso, to me.

Fuente identificada: Miso

10/02/2012 a las 09:52  [post initial]  Children's book title text

Any help spotting this font, much appreciated. TY! :^)

Excellent spot, notfon. Thank you. I looked at Avenir and many others before posting. Thanks all.

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