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18/09/2014 a las 23:12  [respuesta]  Hong Kong font?

Thanks! haha same name as the font

18/09/2014 a las 23:02  [post initial]  Hong Kong font?

Yup , as title says.
What font is used in this?

07/04/2013 a las 04:43  [respuesta]  Hello, I have a question about fonts.

I'm sure that's ok , as long as nothing commercial.

07/04/2013 a las 04:42  [post initial]  Categories

There should be an option to see only certain use fonts like donation , etcetera
What do you think

04/03/2012 a las 23:26  [post initial]  What is the font

I looks like 2 different ones, idk.

13/12/2011 a las 01:20  [respuesta]  Puppy in need of font :D

You are fast my friend , Thanks!

[Edit] Didn't realize it was already id'd thanks anyways

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13/12/2011 a las 01:15  [post initial]  Puppy in need of font :D

What font is similar to "Sour Patch"

23/10/2011 a las 15:35  [respuesta]  Font?

What font is close to it , besides the round dots

23/10/2011 a las 06:29  [post initial]  Font?

14/08/2011 a las 01:51  [respuesta]  Ripped effect font

Nice , Frank Knows looks about it!

12/08/2011 a las 02:52  [respuesta]  Coke/a/Cola Font?

Cool Font

12/08/2011 a las 02:31  [post initial]  Which font are the numbers?

11/08/2011 a las 03:39  [respuesta]  What is this simple font?

Fuente identificada: American Captain

14/07/2011 a las 02:16  [respuesta]  What is this?


01/07/2011 a las 15:33  [respuesta]  Font Help

Lol Thanks Menhir , yeah after searching around I found a trial of FontLab Studio I'll try Font Creater though (cheaper) Thanks!

01/07/2011 a las 00:47  [post initial]  Font Help

I want to make fonts , what program(s) would I need to do some of the stuff I see here
Just need to be pointed to the right direction.

28/06/2011 a las 23:17  [respuesta]  Anybody know what these fonts are?

That was are hard one lol :P

22/06/2011 a las 15:51  [post initial]  Font?

11/06/2011 a las 03:50  [respuesta]  What font is this :)

I found one similar

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11/06/2011 a las 02:55  [post initial]  What font is this :)

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