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22/07/2016 a las 21:19  [post initial]  AmpliTube 4 font

If anyone cab identify the font used in this software's logo, that'd be much appreciated.


PS. It definitely looks familiar to me, I just can't recall its name.

18/11/2015 a las 02:50  [post initial]  The Tempest

Does anyone know the font used at the top of this DVD cover? Or suggest one that's similar to it?

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16/12/2012 a las 13:11  [post initial]  Idlewild - The Remote Part

What font is used for the Idlewild band name on this album cover? Or can someone please recommend a font that is similar?

25/10/2012 a las 21:34  [post initial]  14th Floor Records

Can someone identify this font, please?

14/09/2012 a las 19:34  [post initial]  Metallica - Demo Magnetic

Can someone identify the font used for the track list on this Metallica CD?

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30/04/2012 a las 20:42  [post initial]  Fugazi - Repeater.

Does anyone know the font used on this Fugazi album cover?

27/04/2012 a las 18:36  [respuesta]  Travis - The Invisible Band


27/04/2012 a las 17:17  [post initial]  Travis - The Invisible Band

Does anyone know the font used on this album cover?

26/11/2011 a las 17:08  [post initial]  Machine Head - Unto the Locust

18/11/2011 a las 00:09  [respuesta]  Trucker


17/11/2011 a las 22:30  [post initial]  Trucker

Does anyone know the font used here for this movie's title? Or recommend a font which is similar.

Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions

10/03/2011 a las 16:39  [respuesta]  Biffy Clyro - Puzzle

deds ha dicho  
Hello Graeme1988,
it's little...

Eagle Book

Thanks for that, mate - much appreciated.

10/03/2011 a las 15:36  [post initial]  Biffy Clyro - Puzzle

Does anyone know the font used for this album cover?

Anyone know which font is used here? Or if there's one that is similar?

Great. Thanks mate, very much appreciated.

09/03/2011 a las 23:12  [post initial]  Mandy Moore - Wild Hope Album Font

Which font is used to write tracklist here?

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