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08/06/2015 a las 13:34  [respuesta]  Looking for this font?

fonatica ha dicho  

Thank you so much!

07/06/2015 a las 22:10  [post initial]  Looking for this font?

i'm looking for the font used in this video:

Anyone can identify it please?

05/02/2015 a las 18:51  [post initial]  Who knows this nice font ??

I'm Looking for this cute font,
who knows it?

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, even better ist Aracne Condensed (not Ultra)

Fuente sugerida: Aracne Condensed

19/11/2014 a las 13:14  [post initial]  Anyone knows this font, please?

koeiekat ha dicho  
Jackie, that is because it is not a font, but if someone proves me wrong - and why not - it is most certainly not the Caflisch.

But how did they made this text? Did they write it freehand?

02/05/2014 a las 15:21  [post initial]  The name of this nice font please?

Who can tell me the name of this wonderful font, please?

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19/04/2014 a las 07:20  [post initial]  Please identify this nice font?

Who can tell me the name of this nice font, please?

11/03/2014 a las 11:04  [post initial]  Which one is this, please?

Please identify this font =)


14/10/2013 a las 06:57  [post initial]  I'm looking for this font

Can anyone help me please identifying this font?
Thanks a lot! =)

28/04/2013 a las 19:53  [respuesta]  Can u identify this font?


28/04/2013 a las 15:00  [post initial]  Can u identify this font?

Can u identify this font please?

Maybe you know how to identify the font from the page source code (I dont know how to do this).
here is the page the font comes from:


29/11/2012 a las 14:45  [respuesta]  Looking for that FONT.

Thanks, thats it!

29/11/2012 a las 14:23  [post initial]  Looking for that FONT.

Can you identify this font the text "Karlsruhe, Stadtteil Rintheim, evangelische Gemeinde: Standesbuch 1859-1869" is written in?
THANKS so much!


04/10/2012 a las 12:25  [post initial]  Identify this one...

Which font please "LIKE AND SHARE" ?

26/09/2012 a las 11:53  [respuesta]  Who can help please?

SashiX ha dicho  
Doris Day

Thank you very much!!

25/09/2012 a las 17:59  [post initial]  Who can help please?

Can you identify the font of "if you feel what I feel..." ?

24/05/2012 a las 03:57  [respuesta]  Hmmm?

funny funny ;-) But no idea anyone???

19/05/2012 a las 01:00  [post initial]  Hmmm?

09/03/2012 a las 16:05  [respuesta]  Any idea of this font(s)?

Thanks a lot!

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