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29/07/2016 a las 18:56  [post initial]  I'm looking for a couple

Hello Forum,

I'm looking a couple of fonts..... What type of font is the number? 15?

Also the rest if any one knows...... October.. ect


06/07/2015 a las 22:21  [post initial]  Whats this font

Hello help needed dose anyone know this font or one similar? Fused bit, not recruitment.....

14/04/2014 a las 12:00  [post initial]  help please, font?

Helo I just need to recreate this logo to vector dose anyone know the font?

21/01/2013 a las 16:20  [post initial]  Hello Anyone know how to do this HELP

Hey anyone know what this font is and how do manipulate the swirls to this effect? Any good adobe tutorial links would be much appreciated or tips! Thanks


15/01/2013 a las 17:20  [respuesta]  What is the font please ?

Something like this is similar but not the same

Fuente sugerida: Mishka

15/01/2013 a las 16:17  [respuesta]  Whats that font?

Thanks, Thats the one! Any other similar fonts would be a great help, So fee free to post more

15/01/2013 a las 16:05  [respuesta]  What is the font please ?

At guess, I would say that is done by hand, As there are a few bumps in the E and both e's are different. Most probably done on a wacom pad with a digital pen.

15/01/2013 a las 16:02  [post initial]  Whats that font?

Hello internet

I am looking for a font similar to this, a big bold swirly number, Doesn't have to be the same, I am just looking for a few examples to base a typo piece on
any help would be good

The words Girl,Lady,Man,Boss being the example

18/10/2012 a las 00:07  [respuesta]  I need some help

Thanks for that good suggestion I will check it out, seem like a nice website to, I haven't seen it before. Thanks

17/10/2012 a las 23:05  [respuesta]  biemmezeta font please

That's not a font. It's a bike

17/10/2012 a las 23:04  [post initial]  I need some help

I am in the process of designing a logo, I need a font that has a handwritten style yet still quite sharp can any body help me out with some ideas, I am able to manipulate the font in illustrator but need some fonts that i can start to play with. any advice would be great! (see example)

31/05/2012 a las 00:21  [post initial]  Whats this?


Any body know this font? Need to do something similar for a project. Any help would be great!

There is a font called 'I'm fashion' which is very similar to this, try and search for it, It was not on this website, but i did download it for free! so do some googleing.

07/03/2012 a las 17:27  [respuesta]  What font is this? Or like this

Yeah cheers I'v dusted of the old wacom tablet, shame my handwriting sucks

07/03/2012 a las 14:59  [post initial]  What font is this? Or like this

Yeah I need to make a logo a little like this any advice would be great, do you think it hand drawn with a photo shop brush or a font?

14/02/2011 a las 15:15  [respuesta]  This font? or one similar

Yeah that's good thanks rocmaco - iv seen you post lots of answer on this forum good work, Need it for a logo. cheers

14/02/2011 a las 13:36  [post initial]  This font? or one similar

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