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17/05/2011 a las 01:36  [respuesta] logo font

rocamaco ha dicho  

Thank you! To bad it wasn't a free font...

17/05/2011 a las 01:15  [post initial] logo font

What is the font that types "NAME MY TUNE" in the picture?

Thanks in advance!

Okay nice.

Thanks once again!

Thank you very much Linko20!! How did you find it?

Much appreciated,


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26/01/2011 a las 23:47  [post initial]  What font is this? (From


I download all my fonts from this awesome site. I had this specific font for a couple of years ago and it is most possible downloaded from I don't longer have this font, but when I found a movie I made with this font in it I realized I HAVE to get it back!

I have tried so many other sites to identify the font, but none of them have given me the right result. So I'm laying my trust in you guys!

The letters in the picture have nothing to do with the font's actual name, I wrote the text myself.

So, anyone recognizing it and know it's name? If not, maybe you could help me find it on this website? I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you in advance,


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