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21/02/2011 a las 17:52  [respuesta]  Corporate Font

loucobos ha dicho  
Taringa is the solution :P

link please

20/02/2011 a las 21:18  [respuesta]  Corporate Font

yes but is free

20/02/2011 a las 19:24  [respuesta]  Corporate Font

I think is Ubuntu

Fuente sugerida: Ubuntu

20/02/2011 a las 19:17  [post initial]  too small capture to identify the font

another challenge for me! (And us of course)

20/02/2011 a las 19:14  [respuesta]  Need help for a project

Thank you

18/02/2011 a las 21:05  [post initial]  Need help for a project

I will manually vectorize "VICE", but can anyone help me with "Bucharest"
if you can recognize "Vice" i will be grateful.

Thnx gentelmens.

05/01/2011 a las 17:27  [respuesta]  A font obsession

you're my hero

01/01/2011 a las 19:20  [respuesta]  A font obsession

Nope it is not! the "r" is different. thanx

23/12/2010 a las 17:22  [respuesta]  A font obsession

Thnx in advance!

23/12/2010 a las 17:21  [post initial]  A font obsession

Can you tell me what font is this?
Damn ! it obsess me!

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