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27/02/2012 a las 04:06  [respuesta]  Best way to manage fonts in windows


You must be part of the 1%

Also, back on topic: Suitcase Fusion.

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I can't believe this topic is still alive... Jeez

Maybe you could click on the little link that says Reinitialize, and then maybe the Preview text would be reset. But just maybe, who knows

24/05/2011 a las 20:43  [respuesta]  looking for this font

Here it is...

Fuente sugerida: Future Rot

24/05/2011 a las 20:22  [respuesta]  Absinthe Free font

Looks great, awesome work!

About the font not showing up here, if I remember correctly our friendly neighborhood admin, Rodolphe, updates new fonts once a month, so it's perfectly normal if the font doesn't appear on the site immediately.

27/02/2011 a las 00:39  [respuesta]  Sky Sailing Album Font

First of all, hello, please and thanks. Second, this question is a) misplaced (the font ID section is over there, and b) worthless without an image.

25/02/2011 a las 07:50  [respuesta]  Font name?Please =)

Fuente identificada: Defused

Well, OpenType fonts can have more than one shape for a character, but that's not really the case here. I said it in my original reply, the word in your image was most likely made to look like that by someone (i.e. whoever designed the logo) by taking a font and then altering it with the help of a graphics software. Bayer Universal doesn't look _exactly_ like the image, but it can be easily adapted for that look.

Looks like some tweaking's going on here. Almost sure this started looking like Universal.

Fuente sugerida: P22 Bayer Universal

19/02/2011 a las 18:46  [respuesta]  Please help

Looks like an aliased Arial to me.

Fuente identificada: Arial

19/02/2011 a las 18:42  [respuesta]  Isotonix Logo Font

Fuente identificada: Futura Medium

08/02/2011 a las 06:39  [respuesta]  Anyone know this font?

It's Optima, the little... crown? on top of the O is extra.

Fuente identificada: Optima

08/02/2011 a las 06:37  [respuesta]  font?

07/02/2011 a las 20:59  [respuesta]  What this font please ?

It's not a font, it was designed by the founder as you can read here:

Custom logo.

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07/02/2011 a las 20:44  [respuesta]  Font Requests?!

It's very unlikely that you'll find someone who'll create the fonts you want for free. Making just one font is a long process, it can take months or years (ask vinz ). It's like asking for someone to make a software application or a painting for free. Maybe you'll find someone who has the free time time to do it, but it's highly unlikely.

06/02/2011 a las 06:25  [respuesta]  Font Thieves!

No cat fight here. I just thought implying that stealing is part of the latino's nature was rude, and voiced my opinion. That's no reason to pick a fight with a fellow member of the forum, who is also an awesome guy.

05/02/2011 a las 04:25  [respuesta]  Font Thieves!

*sigh* I'm not in the mood to keep this issue going, so we'll just leave it at that.

04/02/2011 a las 22:02  [respuesta]  Font Thieves!

koeiekat ha dicho  
no education, no respect and by nature stealing left right and center ... somos latinos jeje

I take offense in that generalization, my fellow feline. We are not all like that.

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01/02/2011 a las 03:32  [respuesta]  Mayagüez 2011 Logo Font

Fuente identificada: Aachen

30/01/2011 a las 20:32  [respuesta]  Ray ban

Looks like a custom logo. You can find some alternatives in this Typophile thread.

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