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14/04/2013 a las 08:11  [respuesta]  Samantha oups! font

Still looking for this font -- any guesses?

12/02/2013 a las 22:23  [post initial]  Name this font

From a pic on a friend's Facebook page -- can you ID the font?

05/05/2012 a las 20:35  [respuesta]  "Time to Unwind" font

I beg your pardon? I am NOT an ignorant person -- I was just pointing out the differences between the typeface in my example and the font being offered. I apologise if I seem to be rude or stuffy, but give me some slack, okay? Don't beat me up just because I said the wrong things. Please -- no more comments outside the task at hand; otherwise, I'll ask the admins to close this thread. Thank you.

05/05/2012 a las 05:52  [respuesta]  "Time to Unwind" font

Also, the font in my example dates back from the early-1960s, and "Hairspray" was created in 2001.

05/05/2012 a las 05:51  [respuesta]  "Time to Unwind" font

I disagree -- the suggested font not only is different (note the "w" here and in the Hairspray font), but it has a curvy alignment, while the example here is straight.

04/05/2012 a las 22:57  [post initial]  "Time to Unwind" font

Need ID on the type of font used for the title lettering of Werner Muller's album, "Time to Unwind". I believe that the lettering came from a font, due to the uniformity of the "T"s and "n"s.

10/09/2011 a las 07:42  [post initial]  Can you name this font?

This came from a YouTube video at . This type of font was never used by CBS (only the person who assembled this video), but was more associated with ABC in the late-1970s.

08/08/2011 a las 08:07  [post initial]  Samantha oups! font

The fonts used for the titles and credits to "Samantha oups!", similar to this one here. Is is machine? If so, can anyone name this font?


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08/08/2011 a las 03:58  [post initial]  "Love of Life" font

This came from the recreation of the closing credits of the CBS soap "Love of Life", ca.1974, from here:

Obviously, the creator used a font that is already available somewhere -- anyone know?

13/06/2011 a las 03:54  [respuesta]  Old Magazine Fling

Disagree entirely -- the "f" here is different than the "f" in the example. Most likely an original logo, based on Europe Underground or similar.

13/06/2011 a las 03:50  [respuesta]  LU 7789

Definitely not SNV, as the letters don't match with the examples. As for DIN 1451, the letters look similar, but I withhold judgement, as the example only provides letters.

04/06/2011 a las 07:52  [respuesta]  Columbia font (standard)

Fuente sugerida: CBS Didot

27/05/2011 a las 06:22  [respuesta]  Helpp mee :D

Not a font -- done by hand (note the "L"s).

23/05/2011 a las 22:02  [respuesta]  font?

I think this is a hand-done logo -- note the subtle differences with the "a"s.

23/05/2011 a las 03:09  [respuesta]  font?

BD Cartoon Shout, which Dafont has.

Fuente identificada: BD Cartoon Shout

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05/05/2011 a las 06:24  [respuesta]  Any one know this one????

Looks like a general logo and not a font -- note the "a"s.

28/04/2011 a las 08:04  [respuesta]  1970s Trivia

I say it's basically a Helvetica font.

Fuente identificada: Helvetica

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28/04/2011 a las 08:00  [respuesta]  which font is this?

Looks handmade -- note the "n"s and "e"s.

28/04/2011 a las 07:59  [respuesta]  Font Name?

Is this the logo for "The F Word"?

If so, I don't know if it's a font or done strictly for the logo, as the words "The" and "Word" are in different fonts.

28/04/2011 a las 07:42  [respuesta]  Fatal Fury logo text

Likely to be handmade -- note the "F"s and "A"s.

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