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26/06/2014 a las 13:54  [respuesta]  Lana del rey font

Well the font EXISTS. If you go to Vimeo at the Staff Picks section, the fonts there are identical to Lana's font with the exception that the letters a more narrow BUT the insides are square and the outsides identical with the font I'm looking. Anyway I found the font cause a friend made it herself from Lana's booklet letters. It's awesome ^_^

25/01/2013 a las 03:27  [respuesta]  Lana del rey font

What's your problem? Do I spent time from your life? If you cannot help then post nothing. I don't want to use Steelfish font I want THAT one and really I don't get it when you say logo really define what you mean by logo

02/10/2012 a las 02:36  [respuesta]  Lana del rey font

Thanks but I've seen that thread but it's useless to go there and ask the same thing

02/10/2012 a las 01:19  [post initial]  Lana del rey font

This is not Steelfish font that everyone thinks. It may looks like Steelfish but it's more sharp on the edges and more retro maybe it's from the steelfish family but again I'm not sure. Please someone knows this font?



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16/09/2012 a las 10:34  [respuesta]  Lana del Rey font?

No this is not Steelfish it looks like it

16/09/2012 a las 10:31  [respuesta]  Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

This is not Steelfish

10/09/2012 a las 22:58  [post initial]  What about this font?

21/07/2012 a las 15:32  [respuesta]  What about this font?

The font was edited on the single cover though with uppercase SH KIR and two A's (one uppercase the other lowercase) combined so they fit together

21/07/2012 a las 15:24  [respuesta]  What about this font?


02/01/2012 a las 19:48  [post initial]  What about this font?

28/11/2011 a las 03:21  [post initial]  I hope anyone knows

This font exists I had it before it was named just ''E'' This one is just hand drawn for the cover of Shakira's album

15/07/2011 a las 18:37  [post initial]  Identify! Thank you

02/01/2011 a las 17:04  [respuesta]  I think this is easy for you guys

THANK YOU now i can made a bigger resolution logo in Photoshop

02/01/2011 a las 15:50  [post initial]  I think this is easy for you guys

It's the font of the shop's logo I work to

02/11/2010 a las 01:04  [respuesta]  Please I need help with this one

Thank you very much really

31/10/2010 a las 20:58  [respuesta]  Womanizer 2, WICH FONT??!!!!

It is not a font indeed. It is just an edited version of some font already existing. But definitely NOT a font

31/10/2010 a las 20:22  [post initial]  Please I need help with this one

From Shakira's single Did It Again

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