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26/05/2014 a las 20:39  [post initial]  Something close?

Anyone know a font close to the "you" and "loved" here?

14/10/2013 a las 16:39  [post initial]  Grace

Looking for a font similar to the "grace" font.

24/03/2012 a las 15:10  [respuesta]  Sugar

thank you!!!

24/03/2012 a las 14:20  [post initial]  coffee font

24/03/2012 a las 14:19  [post initial]  Sugar

24/03/2012 a las 14:17  [post initial]  Help!

06/12/2011 a las 19:37  [post initial]  Something Similar?

Anyone know a font similar to this??

06/12/2011 a las 01:23  [post initial]  Anyone know what font this is??

01/12/2010 a las 21:41  [post initial]  Similar font?

Anyone know a font that looks similar to this one?

15/10/2010 a las 20:05  [post initial]  Ruby Photography

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15/10/2010 a las 20:04  [respuesta]  Help Please! What is this font?

That's it! Thanks!!

15/10/2010 a las 18:22  [post initial]  Help Please! What is this font?

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