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12/02/2011 a las 17:31  [respuesta]  this one please??

Modified Boston Truckstyle?

Fuente identificada: Boston Truckstyle

12/02/2011 a las 17:29  [respuesta]  Download opening in Photoshop??

Well, you could say please and generally be more polite when asking for a favor. Just a suggestion.

I'm on a Mac, but it doesn't seem right that Photoshop would open a TTF file. When you unzip the file, can't you just then install the font file into windows? I use a font manager, so I just install into that (Suitcase Fusion 2). Once installed into your system, the font should be available in any program - including Photoshop.

10/02/2011 a las 12:39  [respuesta]  this font plz !!

Fuente identificada: Berthold City Bold

08/02/2011 a las 23:09  [respuesta]  cheese and burger

I think its Horizon stretched out a bit.

Fuente identificada: Horizon

07/02/2011 a las 22:49  [respuesta]  Font Requests?!

I guess it was only a matter of time until we got to this point. Everyone is so used to getting "free" downloads that its only logical that some people want to take it a step further and request people to make something - and then get it for free.

Its crazy how everything seems so devalued today. Music, software, and yes - fonts!

03/02/2011 a las 23:12  [respuesta]  Font

Fuente identificada: Angryblue

02/02/2011 a las 05:14  [respuesta]  Font sleuth work

Fuente identificada: Birth of a Hero

23/01/2011 a las 01:57  [respuesta]  any ideas?

Please do. Those are beautiful letters!

20/01/2011 a las 18:05  [respuesta]  FONT IDENTIFICATION NEEDED

Fuente identificada: Berthold City Bold Italic

19/01/2011 a las 21:48  [respuesta]  PULP FICTION

Fuente identificada: Aachen Bold

19/01/2011 a las 02:54  [respuesta]  Help :D

Fuente identificada: Action Jackson

18/01/2011 a las 20:23  [respuesta]  help

Forte with some effects.

Fuente identificada: Forte

16/01/2011 a las 01:02  [respuesta]  Fonts for a portfolio.

Its probably a lot to expect font designers to cover every single possible use in the readme file. I don't think it would be too hard to contact the author and ask them. I would think most people would consider it as personal use, but why not find out directly from the source?

If there's contact information in the font download, why wouldn't you contact the author instead of posting it as a general question on a forum? People can reply on the forum as to what their opinion is, but only the font author can give you the official answer.

16/01/2011 a las 00:55  [respuesta]  Toy Machine font anybody?

Fuente identificada: Cooper Black

14/01/2011 a las 01:17  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Fuente identificada: Romantiques

13/01/2011 a las 04:42  [respuesta]  Can you identify this font?

Well, at least yours points to the font at here dafont. I searched here, too, but I must have mis-typed!

13/01/2011 a las 04:24  [respuesta]  Can you identify this font?

Fuente identificada: Alba

12/01/2011 a las 14:48  [respuesta]  Font like this?

I really think its Tiki Holiday, but stretched horizontally.

Sorry - not free.

Fuente identificada: Tiki Holiday

11/01/2011 a las 18:20  [respuesta]  Boyz N da Hood Font

I think its just Aachen Bold, but obviously manipulated and distressed.

Fuente sugerida: Aachen Bold  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

11/01/2011 a las 15:47  [respuesta]  Help really need this font...

Fuente identificada: Tron

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