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20/06/2011 a las 17:10  [respuesta]  Looking for Fon

Fuente identificada: LHF Billhead 1910

13/06/2011 a las 06:07  [post initial]  Old wood type font?

12/06/2011 a las 21:03  [respuesta]  What is this font?

Fuente identificada: Batman Forever

09/06/2011 a las 22:10  [respuesta]  Font from jersey

That's the closest I've seen, but it's not an exact match. Even though it's not it, I do appreciate the help.

02/06/2011 a las 04:57  [respuesta]  why didn't I get my font?

This site doesn't have fonts for sale. There are "donate to author" buttons to send donations to authors. Is that what you're talking about?

Can you better explain what you did?

01/06/2011 a las 19:13  [respuesta]  Font from jersey

Many people are grateful that you have identified so many! I was hoping that you'd know this one. I've found many similar, but no match

01/06/2011 a las 19:04  [respuesta]  Font from jersey

Sadly, if even rocamaco can't identify it, it probably doesn't exist! It might be a custom font.

31/05/2011 a las 21:34  [post initial]  Font from jersey

This looks so familiar to me, but I cannot seem to find a match. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Outline the text before saving so that it becomes "artwork" instead of a font. Then, you should have no problems saving because at that point, it's no longer an actual font. That should work.

Thank you for the link. Very similar letter R. I love those old wood type catalogs!

Sorry for the poor quality, but it was on my DVR and I just used my phone to take the picture. Not sure if this was ever a true font. The picture shows a plate that was on an early 1900's vaccuum cleaner for the Railroad industry. It was on the TV show "American Restoration" on the History Channel. The letter R really caught my eye.

17/05/2011 a las 12:39  [respuesta]  Que font es?... What font is?

B2ST looks like it's Batman Forever - modified.

Fuente identificada: Batman Forever

16/05/2011 a las 12:50  [respuesta]  Westernish

It's part of the Wild West collection by Walden Font Co.

Fuente identificada: Whitecross

Well, your first problem is assuming that it's free. This site does not offer commercial font downloads for free.

14/05/2011 a las 03:44  [respuesta]  'EDGE' what's the font?

Fuente identificada: CBGB Font

14/05/2011 a las 03:43  [respuesta]  what's font ? FOREFATHERS

Looks like it's been tweaked, but I'm pretty sure it's Billhead.

Fuente identificada: LHF Billhead

10/05/2011 a las 21:02  [respuesta]  "Can not open file as archive" WHY?!

I would maybe try a different ZIP extractor and see if that helps. I think there are several free ones out there. I've never had a problem with dafont files, but I've had issues with some other zip files and sometimes it worked to just use a different extraction utility.

Fuente identificada: Spumoni

09/05/2011 a las 17:42  [respuesta]  TFF FILE?

Vinz, couldn't we just send the scan to you and then you could create the font? I'll start sending you my scans right away ;-)

02/05/2011 a las 22:14  [respuesta]  typo please

Fuente identificada: Curlz

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