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claudeserieux ha dicho  

I'm only one state away from there. I've been meaning to take a trip to visit the museum. My wife would be bored out of her mind, but I'd be in heaven!

13/07/2011 a las 16:33  [respuesta]  fonts

This isn't a match, but it's similar.

Fuente sugerida: Tropicana

13/07/2011 a las 01:39  [respuesta]  "Main Street"

Fuente identificada: Baroque Text JF

09/07/2011 a las 02:36  [respuesta]  anybody recognize this font?

Fuente identificada: Mirisch

08/07/2011 a las 14:37  [respuesta]  Does this work with firefox?

I've been wondering if it can work for Firefox, too. I'm glad someone finally asked! Oh, wait a minute.... I am using Firefox. Nevermind.

08/07/2011 a las 12:39  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente identificada: Coop Black


Fuente identificada: Ambulance Shotgun

Editado el 23/09/2012 a las 17:14 por Rodolphe

05/07/2011 a las 22:29  [respuesta]  What is this Font?

Fuente identificada: MLB Tuscan

05/07/2011 a las 14:54  [respuesta]  Need Font HELPP PLZ!

This one isn't it, but it's close.

Fuente sugerida: I.F.C. HotRod Type

I have similar problems with Illustrator CS3 (fonts will show in the list, but they won't work), but if I restart the program, the fonts then work.

I use Suitcase Fusion 2.

This information probably doesn't help you, but just wanted to let you know that others experience similar problems.

03/07/2011 a las 19:05  [respuesta]  what's this font?

Fuente identificada: Portago

02/07/2011 a las 06:24  [respuesta]  Help=)

Fuente identificada: Funhouse

01/07/2011 a las 04:15  [respuesta]  Font Help

Fuente identificada: LHF Boston Truckstyle

29/06/2011 a las 15:26  [respuesta]  Need feedback on this font

Looks good. My only feedback would be that the numbers look more condensed that the letters and the "2" looks weird to me. Looks like maybe you just reversed the 5 and tried to make it work?

Is this your first font?

I'm definitely not a pro, so some more seasoned designers might give better feedback.

25/06/2011 a las 23:35  [respuesta]  What Font?

Looks really close to this, but not exactly sure.

Fuente sugerida: Latin CT Not Wide

I completely agree - if only all the authors would take the time to include license/usage information, it would make everything much easier.

I agree that it would be nice, but I think the intention of this site is to give the font authors complete freedom to specify their terms.

It would be much easier if it was clear what the license information is right on the download page instead of in a txt file that is saved inside a ZIP.

It is frustrating to find a font with no contact information or a link leading to a dead site. I've just come to accept that it happens.

I'm not sure how much responsibility dafont should have for that. It might also be that dafont chooses to let the author set his terms in order to avoid any liability?

With all that said, I do think that dafont is a wonderful resource for thousands of fonts and I think that FAR outweighs the negatives - such as no or incomplete author information.

22/06/2011 a las 02:42  [respuesta]  What the font?

Fuente identificada: Guest Check

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