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13/02/2012 a las 18:13  [post initial]  Mattress Man font?

Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

08/02/2012 a las 17:42  [respuesta]  please help meeee!!

Fuente identificada: Spumoni

31/01/2012 a las 04:57  [respuesta]  Please help me

for "I'M NEVER"

Fuente identificada: Onyx

Editado el 13/05/2012 a las 22:36 por Rodolphe

30/01/2012 a las 02:12  [respuesta]  What's the font???

I'm pretty sure it's this font modified...

Fuente identificada: Danzig 4P

27/01/2012 a las 20:14  [respuesta]  Anyone know?

Fuente identificada: Desigers

27/01/2012 a las 15:23  [respuesta]  whatz a font?

Fuente identificada: Crown Title

23/01/2012 a las 04:18  [respuesta]  What font is it?

Stretched and color adjusted.

Fuente identificada: Hotel Coral Essex

18/01/2012 a las 04:43  [respuesta]  HELP FONTS!

"Tam" is Still Time

Fuente identificada: Still Time

16/01/2012 a las 16:40  [respuesta]  What is this?

Fuente identificada: Nueva Std Bold

12/01/2012 a las 18:48  [respuesta]  bebe headline font

Fuente identificada: Pointy

04/01/2012 a las 15:45  [respuesta]  Barrels and Arrows

Thank you!

03/01/2012 a las 20:39  [post initial]  Barrels and Arrows

This looks familiar to me, but I can't think of the font.

10/12/2011 a las 05:27  [respuesta]  Looking for this font

Fuente identificada: LHF Old Stock 1

08/12/2011 a las 21:35  [post initial]  Help with this font?

I'm looking for the name of this font (or anything that is really close). Thanks for your help!

30/11/2011 a las 18:03  [respuesta]  anyone know these

Fuente identificada: LHF Tonic

18/11/2011 a las 16:25  [post initial]  The Last Zombie

Anyone recognize the font used for this comic book?

14/11/2011 a las 22:16  [respuesta]  Que tipo de letra es esta?

Close enough? Maybe too thin.

Fuente sugerida: MLB Pirates

29/10/2011 a las 04:22  [respuesta]  Black Sabbath

I was born in 1972. It must be a sign! I'll get busy creating the font. It might not be perfect, but it will be better than the example koeiekat has mentioned (or not mentioned).

28/10/2011 a las 22:07  [respuesta]  Black Sabbath

I was thinking also about digitizing Manuscript Capitals, but was wondering about the legality of doing so. I have the characters as vector art, so it would just be a matter of bringing them into FontLab, etc.

Any advice?

28/10/2011 a las 18:51  [respuesta]  Black Sabbath

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