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03/12/2010 a las 01:52  [respuesta]  Swedish House Mafia Fonts

Berthold City Bold for House Mafia text.

Fuente identificada: Berthold City Bold

02/12/2010 a las 21:10  [respuesta]  looking for this font

Looks like a stretched and slightly modified Aachen Bold.

Fuente sugerida: Aachen Bold

30/11/2010 a las 18:14  [respuesta]  What is this font??

This one is close...

Fuente sugerida: Rockwell

30/11/2010 a las 17:26  [respuesta]  Name of this font !!

This one is close, too, but the E and S is not the same.

Fuente sugerida: Compacta

29/11/2010 a las 14:50  [respuesta]  help please

Fuente identificada: Alba

29/11/2010 a las 14:34  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Boston Truckstyle

28/11/2010 a las 17:47  [respuesta]  Harvest Moon Logo

Fuente identificada: Funhouse

27/11/2010 a las 01:39  [respuesta]  font help?

Fuente identificada: Aachen

26/11/2010 a las 17:03  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

koeiekat - sent you a PM

26/11/2010 a las 02:29  [respuesta]  Mafia II font

Fuente identificada: Aurora Bold Condensed

26/11/2010 a las 02:24  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

My first two fonts are here:

So, those are both fonts that I would been interested in paying someone to "assemble" them.

Also, here's the new one that I've been working on:

Whiskey Town and Honest Merchant were difficult for me and I'm still not happy with the final font file. Kerning might be easy for me to do with the newest one since there's no real serifs to deal with.

25/11/2010 a las 18:04  [respuesta]  Font creation services for hire?

Hi vinz, and thanks for the response (and compliment).

Yeah - I don't assume that it would be a cheap service and I know (after attempting myself) that its a very technical and not necessarily fun or fast process. I just assume that there are people out there who do this sort of thing for a fee - just as I get hired as a graphic designer. Usually stuff like this would be by the hour, I would assume as each job/font would require different amounts of work? I guess I'm just trying to get a feel for what the rates would be for this kind of service. It won't be the worst thing in the world if I have to keep doing it myself, but I really find myself loathing it.

25/11/2010 a las 17:19  [post initial]  Font creation services for hire?

So, I'm a graphic designer and I've recently started to create fonts (my first 2 were just accepted here at dafont). I quickly found that while I love creating the glyphs, I don't really like actually doing the technical work in FontLab to put the fonts together so that they have nice ligatures, kerning, etc. - and the accent characters.

Just wondering if any of you font creators that lurk in these forums offer services such as taking a custom font (from an Illustrator file) and bringing it to a final "professional" font file. What would that cost?

Please reply here - or feel free to send me a private message.


24/11/2010 a las 20:31  [respuesta]  Font from a logo

Fuente identificada: Diamante

24/11/2010 a las 15:01  [respuesta]  Could someone help me, pls?

Used by Prince on his Purple Rain album.

Fuente identificada: Still Time

22/11/2010 a las 19:53  [respuesta]  Anyone know what font is this

The capital C looks like its custom, but the rest is Celtic MD.

Fuente identificada: Celtic MD

22/11/2010 a las 19:11  [respuesta]  Pleaaaaase

Glad to help :-)

22/11/2010 a las 19:05  [respuesta]  Pleaaaaase

Fuente identificada: Broadway Engraved

22/11/2010 a las 15:39  [respuesta]  What font is this paper?

Avenir Heavy for the large type?

Fuente identificada: Avenir Heavy

20/11/2010 a las 02:45  [respuesta]  what font is on BOSTON CELTICS?

This looks close - not quite as tall, but otherwise looks close.

Fuente sugerida: Lakers

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